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Cut Copy - Zonoscope
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Track Listing
Querida (5:25)
Perdoname, Olvidalo with Rocio Durcal (3:36)
Hasta Que Te Conoci (7:11)
Todo Esta Bien (3:45)
Me He Quedado Solo (2:57)
Que Bello Es El Amor with Estela Nuñez (3:08)
Es Mi Vida (3:16)
Adorable Mentirosa (2:38)
Pero Que Necesidad (5:50)
De Mi Enamorate (4:35)
El Principio (7:15)
No Tengo Dinero (Canega Nai Queledo Mo Version) (3:30)
El Noa Noa (4:13)
Abrázame Muy Fuerte (Dance Remix) (4:31)
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#0|29452959|Mis Favoritas|Compilation|Juan Gabriel|June 8, 2010|Latin pop, Mariachi|Sony BMG|Mis Favoritas (2010)|61:44|||Juan Gabriel (2010)|||Juan Gabriel|Mis Favoritas

Mis Favoritas ("My Favorites") is the title of a Compilation album released by Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel on June 8, 2010.


This text has been derived from Zonoscope on Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0

Artist/Band Information

Cut Copy are a synthpop band from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound, often labeled as electropop, draws considerable influence from 80s new wave, synthpop and post-punk. Cut Copy are managed by Punkdafunk, and are signed to the record label Modular Recordings.


Cut Copy began in 2001 as the project of Dan Whitford, a DJ and graphic designer. Whitford released the single "1981" and I Thought of Numbers EP before recruiting additional members Tim Hoey, Mitchell Scott and Bennett Foddy in 2003. In 2004 Cut Copy released their debut LP, Bright Like Neon Love. The album was written and produced by frontman Dan Whitford. Foddy left the band in mid-2004 to study for a Ph.D.

In 2005, the band toured internationally for the first time, visiting London, New York City and Los Angeles. They have toured with international acts Franz Ferdinand, The Presets, Junior Senior, Bloc Party, and Mylo amongst others; in December 2007, the band toured Australia with Daft Punk on the Nevereverland tour, the Sydney leg of which attracted a crowd of almost 50,000.

In 2007 the band announced the completion of their second album, In Ghost Colours, but its Australian release was delayed until 22 March 2008 in order to coincide with an international release. In Ghost Colours debuted on the ARIA Charts at number one on 30 March 2008.

In 2008, "Lights and Music" was featured in FIFA 09.

On one of the final episodes of Nip/Tuck the last season, "Far Away" was played in a club scene.

In July, 2010, the band stated on triple j that they often get offers to support other artists on tour. They recently rejected offers from Lady Gaga, Nine Inch Nails and Coldplay.

On Friday July 16, triple j premiered teaser track "Where I'm Going", a new song from their upcoming album.

The band also confirmed they had officially become a four-piece with the addition of bassist Ben Browning. "Where I'm Going" is the theme song of RIM's Blackberry PlayBook's , released September 27, 2010.

The band premiered Zonoscope's first official single, Take Me Over, on Tuesday November 23 on triple j's breakfast show with Tom & Alex. In an interview with The Music Network, guitarist Tim Hoey described it as "certainly one of the more pop moments on the album."

On February 8th, 2011, RCRD LBL premiered a Midnight Magic remix of "Take Me Over." http

In March 2011, the band will headline the Ultra Music Festival in Miami along with major acts like Erasure, Duran Duran, Tiesto and David Guetta.

Band members

* Dan Whitford – vocals, keyboard, guitar

* Tim Hoey – guitar, sampler

* Ben Browning – bass

* Mitchell Scott – drums

Former members

* Bennett Foddy – bass, synth




* I Thought of Numbers (2001, Modular Recordings)

* Hearts on Fire (2007, Modular Recordings)

* Far Away (2008, Modular Recordings)


* FabricLive.29 (2006, DJ mix compilation, Fabric)

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* "Hearts on Fire" (2008 Edit), (2008, Modular Recordings) AUS #98, AUS Dance #9, BEL #70

* "Far Away" (2008, Modular Recordings)

* "Where I'm Going" (2010, Modular Recordings)

* "Take Me Over" (2010, Modular Recordings)

* "Need You Now" (2011, Modular Recordings)


* Lino: "Auger Well" (2001, Virgin Records Australia)

* Noonday Underground: "The Light Brigade" (2003)

* VHS or Beta: "Night on Fire" (2004, EMI)

* Midnight Juggernauts: "45 And Rising" (2005, Cutters)

* Love Of Diagrams: "No way out" (2005, Unstable Ape)

* The Presets: "Girl and the Sea" (Resets, 2006)

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* Midnight Juggernauts: "Dystopia" (2007)

* Maroon 5: "This Love" (2007)

* Cansei De Ser Sexy: "Move" (2008, Warner Music UK)

* Mercy Arms: "Kept Low" (2008)

* Kaiser Chiefs: "Never Miss A Beat" (2008)

* Ladyhawke: "Paris Is Burning" (2008, Modular Recordings)

* Munk: "You Never See Me Back Down" (2009, Gomma Dance Tracks)

* The Juan Maclean "Happy House" (2009, Popfrenzy)


This text has been derived from Cut Copy on Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0

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